Horizon 2020

Your project deserves professional communication from day one.
The quality of the Work Package “Dissemination & Communication” is vital to your success – when writing your proposal and during the project period.
Be sure to achieve the final impact expected by the EC and your target groups.

RESCOMM will do the job. Our services include:

  • At the application stage: Communication strategy and budget.
  • Leading the Work Package “dissemination/communication”.
  • Managing stakeholder communication.
  • Communicating projects’ messages via web, film, print and newsletters.
  • Ensuring optimal internal communication.
  • Managing media issues & press contacts.
  • Making use of social media in the project.
  • Implementation of events for the public or professionals.
  • Dissemination of reports and deliverables – to the EC and the public.

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Do you need expertise in other areas, e.g. regarding Form C or budget planning?
RESCOMM is part of an interdisciplinary network, including expertise and experience regarding e.g. financial issues, budget planning, IPR and film production.