What is research communication?

Research dissemination usually means to make scientific reports and articles accessible to a wider audience, partly via a linguistic / journalistic compilation, partly through increased accessibility, e.g. via the web. This dissemination should be strengthened, says experts and politicians.

But research communication is a parallel to what you do in a business: You aim to integrate the communication right from the start, analyze stakeholders, develop a strategy, make plans for communication channels, etc. The only difference is that in a research project you are producing knowledge rather than physical goods.

Large parts of the business community are dedicated to communication in all phases and between all relevant stakeholders, and they work with eg. image, stakeholder relations and media strategy.

Research Communication is ideally an integral part of research, and the communication aspect thus functions at all stages – not only in connection with the publication of research results. It includes much more than the mass communication, which most research communities tend to focus on.

In short:

  • Research Communication (RC):
    Managing all aspects of communication throughout the entire research process, including
  • Research Dissemination (RD):
    Communicating research results to various audiences.