Research & communication

RESCOMM is currently engaged in strengthening communication in international R&D projects.

The European Commission supports through various programs a variety of projects, in which companies, universities and organizations collaborate across borders. Denmark is a very active participant in these projects, and the collaboration takes place via for example “FP7” and “Horizon 2020”.

One of the conditions for obtaining funds from the EU is that the project ideas and results achieves impact among politicians, civil servants and the public. But unfortunately, many research projects suffer from communication parts of poor quality. The lack of exposure implies among other things that the EU Commission (and hence taxpayers) do not get full value for money.

Communication theories, experiences and tools are not yet integrated in the research environments to the same extent as in business. There is a large unmet need for knowledge sharing among the projects, and thus I am building a network of people who work with communication in EU projects – or previously had this position.

Under the heading “inspiration” you will find a series of papers that focus on key aspects of the challenges regarding communication in EU projects.