Rescomm and Horizon 2020

jm3 MRESCOMM is a communication consultancy (SME) offering advice and assistance to R&D projects, e.g. in the frame of Horizon 2020.

Based in Aarhus, Denmark. Owned by me, Jesper Odde Madsen.

  • Advice: How to include communication/dissemination in the application.
  • Partner: Being part of the consortium & leading the communication/dissemination Work Package.
  • Subcontractor: Providing specific communication services for a H2020 project.
  • Knowledge: Workshops and presentations about project communication.

RESCOMM is participating in a network including EU expertise and experience regarding e.g. project coordination, financial issues, budget planning, IPR and film production.

Communication is the building and maintenance of good and sustainable relationships, directed by the goals and visions of the organisation. The aim is to create the best possible breeding ground for the exchange of facts, ideas and statements. Use of professional communication concepts will help companies and research groups to achieve their business goals.