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Which are the needs regarding exchange of data, ideas and views – between CAM research conferences? I think it is important to find the answer – and find a way to meet those needs. If you already heard about this, just tell me about your needs and ideas here:  Yes, we CAM!  If not, please read on.


Some of us will meet at another event this year, others will not, and a few will meet regularly in the setting of some project or organisation. But the rest of us? How many of us will continue the process of exchanging information and being inspired?

As my professional field is CAM communication, I spend a lot of time writing and networking, and it is my impression that we can all benefit from doing so – if systematized. Looking beyond the borders sometimes reveals new perspectives that you would otherwise not have been aware of – just like the dialogue across the borders between doctors, CAM-practitioners, hospital staff, officials and researchers often will result in new initiatives and more synergy.

One thing is for sure: If we keep (all) the cards close to the body because of e.g. career issues, we will not succeed. A lot of professionals learned this lesson.

During meetings and conferences I network with participants in order to map the above needs. Those could be e.g. questions of expertise needed, an easy way to maintain an overview of ongoing research and projects of collaboration, or it could be about finding an example of a specific health care setting, you name it.

If you did not do so already, please answer a few questions here:  Yes, we CAM!

I will get back to you as soon as I have analyzed the input. By then, I will consider the options and how we may benefit from some easy-to-use means of communication. (I am not thinking of Facebook).

Who am I?jm3 M

I am an independent CAM consultant, specialized in journalism and communication. I have been working as a writer, journalist and communicator in this field since 1998, having quite some insight in policy & research challenges.

  • CAMbrella participant.
  • Working for e.g. The Danish Patient Safety Authority (

I am looking forward meet all of you in person (again)!

Jesper Madsen
CAM communication consultant
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